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Here at Floraascent, we are big on bespoke!

Bespoke /bɪˈspəʊk/

Specially handcrafted and customised for a person who deserves to feel loved

We have provided you with 4 choices of bespoke bouquets - Totally Freestyled, La vie en Rose, Walking on Sunshine, Mighty Cloud of Joy.

For "Totally Freestyled", you can trust us to work the magic for you! We will pick the freshest blooms in the market, and we are super keen on seasonal blooms, so expect exclusive flowers like Japanese and Dutch ranunculus, dancing orchids,  Dutch carnations and more.

For the other 3, La vie en Rose (roses), Walking on Sunshine (sunflower), Mighty Cloud of Joy (hydrangea) - each of them has a main flower feature of either rose, sunflower or hydrangea. Feel free to pick the flower you think makes your recipient the most happy, after which, we will add complementary flowers and foliage, and voila, you're on its way to make someone's day!